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Commercial Refrigeration Maintaince

In the commercial business, some of the most important pieces of equipment are the various types of refrigeration, such as walk-in coolers, freezers, cold-rooms and refrigerators. When problems occur with commercial refrigeration equipment, it can complicate the way a business runs on a given day. In extreme cases, a business may have to shut down temporarily or even permanently.  Fortunately, you can protect one of the most important investments in your business by learning about the common refrigeration problems. You can also practice prevention, and learn some simple repair solutions. With the right information, you can rest easy knowing your commercial refrigeration system is running smoothly

Common Refrigeration Problems

Here are some of the most common problems that occur with commercial refrigeration equipment:

  • The food or product isn’t cold enough. One common problem that occurs with commercial refrigeration equipment is temperatures not being cold enough. When the temperature in a piece of equipment isn’t cold enough, then the food or your product are more likely to spoil, causing either the spread of harmful bacteria or spoiling your product.
  • Fans are in need of repair. Broken and clogged fans are another common malfunction. When a fan isn’t functioning properly on your refrigeration equipment, proper air ventilation and temperature control become difficult and can keep your food from staying as cold as it needs to be. 
  • Thermostats are tracking temperatures incorrectly. Malfunctioning thermostats can cause either your food or product to spoil since they regulate temperatures in any piece of equipment. If they are off, the actual temperature may be too high, spoiling food or creating unfavourable conditions for your products. 
  • The compressor is broken. A broken compressor can greatly affect the constancy of temperature control in commercial refrigeration equipment and cause more complications later on if not caught in time. 
  • Refrigeration coils are worn out. Coils can become problematic when dirty or frozen and often become damaged when the temperature is not being properly regulated in a piece of commercial refrigeration equipment. 

Pointers for Preventing Problems

You can prevent many minor problems that occur in commercial refrigeration equipment. By checking every part of your refrigeration equipment for consistent functioning, you can prevent many malfunctions that could cost you a lot of time and money. Here are some additional tips: 

  • Perform routine maintenance. Schedule times for a qualified commercial refrigeration technician to inspect your equipment. The more you use your refrigeration equipment, the more frequently you should have someone inspect it. 
  • Clean equipment regularly. Cleaning your refrigeration equipment helps it run more efficiently. It also reduces wear and tear. When cleaning, you may see problems with your freezer and cooler you could otherwise miss. 
  • Replace worn parts promptly. If worn or outdated parts are found while cleaning or during maintenance checks, it is best for technicians to replace it right away. You may forget and then have a complete refrigeration break down at the most inconvenient time. 

Quick Solutions for Simple Problems

Try these easy solutions for simple commercial refrigeration problems: 

  • Clean equipment regularly. Thoroughly cleaning your refrigeration equipment’s parts can help prevent lots of malfunctions, particularly with fans and coils. Using a dry dusting cloth to wipe down equipment that uses static to attract particles of dust and dirt can keep coils dry and clean. 
  • Check fan blades. Edge technicians to clean the fan blades from time to time. This will allow it to work properly and keep neighbouring parts of the equipment from overheating. 
  • Look for malfunctions. Check refrigeration equipment regularly for malfunctions. Thermostats and other parts must be checked and maintained on a routine basis so that larger problems can be prevented before they disrupt your entire business day.

Consistency is Key

Scheduling regular checks by a service technician can also prevent any malfunctions. They will be able to spot problem areas a lot more quickly, which will ultimately save you cost and inconvenience. Planning regular equipment checks monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly can be a great way to keep a schedule and record issues as they arise. 

There are ways to streamline the maintenance of your commercial refrigeration equipment to make it more effective. Whether you need to have someone repair your cooler or freezer, there are solutions to prevent multiple malfunctions from catching you by surprise.

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