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Air-Con Units

We sell and provide  installation, maintenance, repair  and servicing of all types of air conditioning units in Zimbabwe . Thus window or wall units, underceiling or floor split units, package units, ceiling cassette split units, above ceiling split units etc.

Car Air-Con Services

We provide excellent car air-con re-gassing and servicing of all types of vehicles. Our team can visit your workplace or house to regas your car or you can visit us at our workshops and we can service your vehicle  air conditioner whilst you wait.

Refrigeration systems

Our refrigeration services covers all commercial refrigeration requirements, including supermarkets and restaurant display cabinets, cold rooms and freezer rooms. Our experienced technicians help with the  supply, installation, maintenance and repair of all refrigeration systems for our clients.


Fregotech supplies, installs and repairs all types of  built-in residential, commercial and industrial ventilation and air exchange products. We are passionate about providing a more comfortable and healthier indoor environment for our clients. Our ventilation products include roof mounted ventilators, extractor fans, ceiling fans ,kitchen hoods, complete duct work, grilles, fan motors, whirlybirds etc.


As an extension of our services our company is driven to  provide solar power systems for residential and commercial establishments. Our solar systems provide reliable power for homes, businesses and farms nationwide. Our office power systems can support single desktop machines, laptops and servers. We also supply inverters for businesses and home use. Important to note is also the fact that these supplies and services can be done either under contract or not.

Refrigerated Trucks

We provide Refrigerated transportation (or reefer freight) using shipping freight that requires special, temperature controlled vehicles. The vehicle transporting the products being shipped have a built-in refrigeration system that keeps products at a desired temperature throughout the transportation process.

In the 1900s, more efficient modes of refrigerated transportation were developed, and improvements in technology have given us cold chain logistics, which has become a massive industry and continues to grow.

For many product types, refrigerated transportation is not an option, it is an absolute necessity. The benefits of refrigerated transportation are centered around safety, compliance and basic supply and demand.

The global trade of perishable items has increased in the past years and is projected to continue increasing. This has caused high demand for quick transportation of fresh perishable goods.

And we have seen it fit to provide the service, we offer trucks from 2 tonnes up to 30 tonnes.